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Probably the best news about these cinnamon rolls (other than the fact that they’re delicious) is that the dough only has to rise once. I love to make bread products but sometimes I opt out of it because I just don’t feel like waiting for all the dough to rise over and over again.

I had all ingredients on hand for this recipe. It just so happened that I had powdered sugar for the icing (only enough for half the recipe) but if you don’t have powdered sugar on hand, you can always throw regular sugar into a blender and powder it up.

The original recipe for these rolls came from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I didn’t do it this time around, but she has a great idea about using coffee when mixing up your icing for the cinnamon rolls. I think I might try that out next time. Because yes, there will most certainly be a next time with these little pinwheels of deliciousness.


photo 3-10I made these rolls the night before, placed them in a baking dish, covered with cling wrap and let them sit and rise in the fridge overnight.

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