We have started a new Instagram project called The Traveling Academy. We have folks posting regularly who are schooling kids from toddlers to high school. Please come on a follow along and tag your friends who may be interested, too.

Today starts our new “year” of school.  You may be thinking, “starting a new year at the beginning of July?  Are you a crazy women?”  Well, yes, yes, I am, but that is beside the point.  I school-year round not because I am crazy, but because I found it works best for our family.  I often wonder if I lived in the States if I would homeschool. There was a time when I would of said no way, public school all the way…got to let that little light shine.  But now I can’t imagine living my life tied to the schedule of public school.  Maybe I am selfish and lazy, but I really enjoy the flexibility of homeschool.  And one thing we can all agree to: Living life overseas involves 100,000 times more flexibility than life in the U.S.

That is the main reason I homeschool year-round.  Something always comes up.  A visa trip, an unexpected guest, an impromptu trip to the beach.  The husband sometimes travels for a week at a time and we want to spend time with him when he is home.  Homeschooling year-round helps me to make school fit our life, not our life fit school.  

Having more flexibility allows us to explore subjects that my kids find interesting.  My son is really into snap circuits, robotics and anything electrical. We have more time to focus on art, music and fun.  Schooling year-round keeps us from rushing through the main subjects just to “get through”. This offers my family a more rounded education without schooling every day until dinner time.

The third reason I love homeschooling year-round is I don’t feel tied to start curriculum at a certain time of the year.  We started our new Sonlight year this February.  My oldest in half-way through “2nd grade” math and my 1st grader is 10 weeks into her “1st grade” phonics.  The new school year really is just a marker; an easy answer when asked what grade my kids are in.  Each of my five children are completely unique and will have differing learning speeds for their school subjects.  Allowing them to complete their books at their own speed makes for a more peaceful homeschool.  Gone is the pressure to complete a certain book by June.  Who cares!  As long as they are progressing and loving to learn.

Lastly, in one word: Retention! Many public school systems are trying to cut down the days of summer vacation for this very reason. Schooling year-round allows us to move from one year to the next without having to review for several weeks.   No wasted time.  I dislike wasting time.

What does your school year look like?  Share what works for your family!