spicesYesterday on Facebook a friend who is about to come back overseas posed this question: “I’m packing and doing last minute shopping; remind me what I need to bring back.”  So, of course we all started throwing out our suggestions and favorite items to stuff into the trusty black foot locker.  But by far the most popular items were dry mixes.  Although the expat woman usually has to cook from scratch, we all love to have a few “cheats” stowed away in our freezer.

The convenience of the dry mix for dips and quick salad dressing are awesome; but, they are so multi-purpose.   Taco soup with Ranch Mix and Taco Mix; Chicken Marinade with Italian Dressing Mix; Beef Tips with Brown Gravy Mix…just to name a few.  But what if I told you that we can make all these mixes?  You would probably say, “I know but who has the time.” And I would then say, “You do because you can put them all together in less than 30 minutes.”  And then you would say, “Liar!” And I would say, “Ah, Contrierre!”  Or something like that….

So, here is a simple and quick way to put the following mixes together.  All of these will store for 6 months at least on your shelf but if you throw them in the freezer… YEARS!  Make them all or do your own calculations and make the ones that you use the most.  Either way you can stop hoarding that last pack of Lipton Soup and feel better cause you aren’t cooking with unhealthy additives.

All recipes are from my favorite food website Food.com.  (Links provided)

Brown Gravy            Cream of Soup                 Onion Soup

Chili Seasoning        Taco Seasoning Mix

Ranch Dressing        Italian Dressing

1. Decide on your storing method.  You can either use tightly sealed glass containers like Mason Jars or plastic containers (BPA Free of course ’cause that is what we have lying around, right?).  If you are going to freeze the containers make sure the glass won’t break.  You also can do individual portions either in small plastic bags or by folding your mix in small squares of aluminum foil.


2.  Gather your ingredients.  

Basil-    2 tsp
Beef Bouillon-  1 c. + 3 Tbl.
Celery Seed-  1 1/2 tsp.
Chicken Bouillon-  1/4 c.
Chili Powder-  6 Tbl.
Instant Coffee-  2 tsp
Cornstarch-  2 1/4 c.
Cumin- 8 tsp.
Garlic Powder-  4 T + 1 tsp
Milk- Powdered-  1 c.
Onion- Dried-  2 1/2 c.
Onion- Powder- 2 Tbl.
Oregano-  1/4 c. + 2 tsp
Parsley- 3 Tbl.
Paprika-  2 3/4 t.
Pepper Black-  4 3/4 tsp.
Red Pepper Flakes-  8 tsp
Salt-  7 Tbl. + 1 tsp.
Seasoning Salt-  8 tsp.
Sugar- 4 Tbl. + 1 tsp.
Thyme-  1 1/2 tsp

3.  Assemble your mixes.  Print off the Recipe Spreadsheet.  Label your containers before you start assembling.  Add to the jars the ingredients from Basil to Thyme.  Close the lid.  Give it a shake and it is ready to store!

Print the Recipe Spreadsheet Below.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.23.12 AM


Enjoy your guilt free cheats!!

Dry Mix Pin

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