I love coffee in the morning.  I love it in the afternoon.  I would love it in the evening if it didn’t make me thrash around in bed like a crazy woman.  And I enjoy my coffee with cream and sugar.  If you take your coffee with cream and sugar, do you often feel judged by coffee drinkers who takes theirs black?  They think of themselves as the purists.  Like they are the true coffee lovers and we aren’t ’cause we drink ours with additives.  Well, I got a leg up on those self proclaimed snobs.  I get extra grams of protein in my coffee.  And protein is important, guys.  It makes my hair shiny and my bones strong and my mind sharp.

There is a saying in this country, “Where there is sugar, there are ants.”  Truth.  There is something special about the ants that live in my house. I don’t know if it is some developing-country-magic-ant-trick but somehow they can get into my completely sealed glass sugar container, ALL THE TIME!  And I never notice until I look down into my creamy cup of deliciousness and see them floating on top.

When I first moved overseas, ants in my coffee disgusted me.  I would quickly throw out the coffee and all the sugar in the jar and start over.  As my time living here increased, so has my tolerance for ants in the coffee.  Soon, I was just scraping the ants off the top of my coffee and throwing away the infested sugar.  Now, well now, I have arrived.  I simply throw the sugar jar in the freezer to kill the little boogers and take a nice long swig from my mug and go about enjoying the rest of the morning.

I say it is extra protein…and with all the rice I eat, I need it.   Those “purists” who take their coffee black are missing out on real nutritional value.  So take that!  I judge you!

Disclaimer:  I am not a nutritionist.  I don’t know if ants have protein or really what protein does for my body.  I am just too lazy to make another cup.  Also, I don’t dislike people who drink their coffee black.  It is the people who don’t drink coffee at all that I have the real problem with.