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Congratulations to Becky T, an expat in Haiti for winning!

Looking for something to make that Christmas away from “home” more meaningful and fun for your little people?

Leading up to Christmas with Advent activities is the way my family and I have found to make our holiday memorable and fun. Since we have so many little people (and adding more!) we have decided to keep things as simple as possible with our December activities.

Here’s how we do it:
We simply read a story from the Jesus Storybook Bible each night beginning December 1st.

I have made small felt ornaments that correspond with each story.


We have one of those small, table-sized Christmas trees and we hang a new ornament on it every evening (kinda like Jesse Tree, except the stories are sometimes different).

There are 21 Old Testament stories and 3 stories focusing on the birth of Christ. That’s 24 total, bringing things to a nice clean finish on Christmas Eve.

Along the way I plan a few extra fun Christmas-y activities for the kids to do as well, but the major focus is on those stories- THE story.

I am in America this year for Christmas for the first time in 5 years and I forgot my ornaments in Malaysia (not something you hear everyday…or maybe y’all do?!)

So, I hit up that wonderland known as JoAnn Fabric and got me some felt to make us some more.

Then the Christmas spirit and the incredible abundance of quality craft supplies got the better of me and I decided to make 4 sets (one for me, one for a friend who is helping me make them, one as a gift, and one to give away).


Wanna win that extra set?

Here’s how:

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Obviously international entries are perfectly acceptable. (Score! When does THAT ever happen on a giveaway?)Β  I will be mailing the winner their ornaments on Monday November 24, so make sure to get your entries in over the weekend!

Now, all you folks in Africa and the nether regions of Asia know that there’s a good chance it might not make it to you by December 1st for you to start on time. And, of course, I use the term “might not” knowing full well it won’t. But still. You can read the stories anyway! Plus, you’ll have them for years to come and I’ve never mailed anything to Africa so would be delighted if one of you won. So enter anyway! Don’t have a Jesus Storybook Bible on hand?Β  Go here to download the eBook (only $7.99! score!) or purchase yourself a hard copy: