I’m thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity  to guest write over on Djibouti Jones.  Today I’ll be sharing some advice on how to handle “the paparazzi” when out and about with your children. I’ve shared a snippet of it here and if you’re interested you can continue reading it on Rachel’s blog by clicking the link provided below.


Apparently, I’m important. Or at least my kids are.

It didn’t take long in my host country to learn my family was a big deal. A very big deal. I stood, leaning against the guard rail at the airport, with a 9 month old in the Ergo and a 2 year old in the stroller, minding my own business and trying to stay awake after the 36-hour trip. What is happening? Why are so many people stopping mid-step and taking pictures of us? This is so strange and creepy.

I slowly turned the stroller and myself away from the paparazzi so that I was facing the guard rail, staring at nothing and waiting exhaustedly for my husband to return from the ATM. I was hoping this movie-star-airport-photo-session was an anomaly. But, alas, no such luck, it was just the beginning.

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