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If you are just interested in just seeing the links and skipping all my fascinating commentary, please just go to the bottom.  I listed them out for you in a handy “Quick Links” Section.

This has been a busy week for our family.  More for my husband as he has guest lectures in from America and has been spending morning until night out of the home hosting.  Add fevers and stomach issues.  Fun times!  On a happy note, our friends from America brought me a PARTY size bag of Doritos.  If you ask me, salty or sweet?  My answer: Doritos!  This is also my weekly photo prompt photo.  #Love


 My 5 year old is a chronic thumb sucker and I bite my nails.  Disgusting habit… I know.  On a whim, I ordered, Mavala Stop.  The folks from the U.S. brought it for us.  It is disgusting but its working.  It has made eating my Doritos problematic.  But I managed.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

 A dear friend who lives in another city sent a small care package with Valentine gifts for  all the kids.  The favorite gift was the baby’s bubbles.  He barely got to play with them because the 5 year old took charge.



I cut my kids hair myself.  I have no training besides the fact that my first job was a receptionist at a hair salon.  But I was only trained on making appointments.  Sometimes their hair turns out great.  Other times…less than great.  I have been doing the same cut on my 3.5 year old for a few years.  This week I bribed her into my chair with a piece of chocolate.  This is the video I first watched before I attempted the cut.  Of course, I had none of the tools she suggests.  Just scissors, a comb and some hair bows to to pull the hair back.  

I downloaded Clutterfree with Kids: Change your thinking. Discover new habits. Free your home for $2.99.  I read two pages of it and got up and cleaned out my girl’s room.  I removed two footlockers full of toys and clothes.  It will be part of a future post on Preparing for Furlough: The Purge.  One room down…


I read this article from “The Unhurried Homeschooler Series” this week that really encouraged me in my laid back style of early education.  

Kite season is in full swing.


And what is a link post without a Jimmy Fallon clip.  You were fairly warned. Jimmy Fallon interviews Jim Gaffigan on traveling internationally.  (Jim says a few off color things in the middle.  Full Disclosure.) 

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