Welcome to the weekend! Enjoy yourself some light-reading today. If you’re new to the blog, here’s a rundown of what Weekend Links is all about. Also, don’t forget to read our interview with Christine, our featured expat blogger, from Taste of Divine.

Weekend Links 03. | TakingRoute.netA view of our city. It goes on for-ev-errr.

Weekend Links 03. | TakingRoute.netJust another crazy day of shopping at the grocery store. Albeit, it was a few days before Chinese New Year but this isn’t too different from a regular day either.

Weekend Links 03. | TakingRoute.netI’ve been playing around with the TimerCam app. It allows you to do a self-timer on your iPhone. I don’t always get my camera set up at the right angle, but sometimes I love the result (as pictured above).

Weekend Links 03. | TakingRoute.netGong Xi Fa Cai everyone! 

Weekend Links 03. | TakingRoute.netWe hung the first 8 frames of the gallery wall I’ve always wanted to start (been dreaming big for over 2 years now). Hopefully a quick tutorial post will be up on the blog soon for this project. I’m looking forward to displaying our photos but I’m thinking I want to mix in some art prints as well. Which is why I’m so happy to have found minted.com! Here are a few of the prints I’m really loving:

Prints by Minted.com

P.S. I’m thinking the foil art (bottom left) would be great for a map of our island!


The links…

I won’t admit to how long I’ve spent browsing Minted but I dare you to not get lost in their art marketplace. They ship internationally and they offer a great selection of frames, if you want to go the framed route. It’s Saturday. Just do yourself a favor, click on those links, and get lost in some beautiful art.

I’ve got some glass jars I’ve collected but need to remove the sticky residue off of them. I found this list of thirty helpful items to help with the job. Anybody have some tried and true solutions you recommend? If not, I guess I better start working my way down this list and finding what works best.

Would somebody just make this for me, please? I have plenty of extra mason jars and I want more plants in my house but I also don’t want to take up too much space #smallhouseprobz

This post. It gave me a good laugh this week.

I’d love to start a photo project like this with the people of the city we live in.
Meet someone new. Have a conversation. Take their photo. Share a piece of the story with the world. I like it.