Our home is in a beautiful neighborhood (that we are thankful for everyday) but also on the edge of the village.  We get the best of both worlds.   Here are a few beautiful faces that hang around with our girls on a daily basis.

girl 2




faces 1

Twice a day, morning and evening, this cow  is walked by my house on his way to and back from the river.  


We have several young fruit trees in our yard.  So far, the guava tree is producing the best.  Yum!


 Now it’s link time:

This recipe is from my real life friend for {Healthy} Chocolate Cereal.  My kids love that nasty coco ball cereal we can get here.  But it is soooo bad for them.  This is a quick and guilt-free breakfast option.

Here is a great article.  Written by a professional counselor on the awesome blog A Life Overseas.   Marriage is tough in general but super tough when you add the stress and isolation of life abroad.  

This is a two-for-one Jimmy deal.  Christina Aguilera plays Musical Impressions.  It is pretty good but not as good as Adam Levine.  I don’t really know who Adam Levine is but he does the best Eddie Vedder. 

The new season of Survivor started.  30th season…15 years later…and I still love it.  Three tribes: Blue Collars, White Collars, and Free Spirited No Collars.  Watch it here.  (I use Hotspot Shield to stream American television.  $30 a year for 5 devices.)

I was recently introduced to Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study by a fellow expat.  Kimberlynn and I are about to start one together.  We will do the weekly assignments, listen to the podcasts and FaceTime once week.  That’s the plan anyway.  All FREE!