Today’s Weekend Links are coming to you a little late. You’ll at least get your links by Sunday morning (still the weekend, right?) Visitors from the U.S. just touched down yesterday so we had a fun-filled, touristy day to help them get through jet lag. Then, today, my husband left with those same guys for a 4-day trip. That means it’s just me and the kiddos at home! Needless to say, it’s hard to write posts with just one hand and a baby in your lap.  

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netFound a fun new restaurant in town. They did a pretty rad job with the interior design (which is rare to find in our city).

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netI’m determined to meet the woman I affectionately refer to as “the shoe lady”. She lives right outside our neighborhood and probably has at least one thousand pairs of shoes piled up in her tiny shop.

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netI’m attempting to add more plant life inside our house. I don’t have a green thumb but I’m optimistic. I’ve asked my husband to bring me back some succulents when he returns from his road trip. Succulents pretty much want you to leave them alone, right?

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netI don’t want to brag (but I’m going to anyway), our city has a coffee shop that sells some of the best coffee in the world. We’ve been spoiled, to say the least. When friends and family come to visit us, we make sure to take them to this particular coffee shop and let them taste “kopi luwak” at a price we can all afford. If you don’t know what’s so special about this coffee, Google it. I probably wouldn’t buy a cup of this coffee in the States because, well…I gotta feed my kids and send them off to college one day.

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netAnother reason I love when we have visitors is that I get to do some touristy stuff in our city that I haven’t had the chance to do yet. We went to visit a large mosque in town. The detail inside was beautiful. My son was more interested in the game of “kick the ball around” being played outside by some young boys.

Weekend Links 05. | TakingRoute.netMy daughter just found out “X is for Xenops.” Have fun learning the English language, kid.

The links…

I was just given this travel journal as a gift. I had no idea it existed until today. If you didn’t either, you’re welcome. So many insert options too! You can search about it on Google, YouTube, or use the hashtag “#travelersjournal” on Instagram to see all the ways people use it. Time to start my wish list…

After reading through some old journals, I found a reference to a great post I read awhile back. Want some tips for keeping your sanity? These are for you.

This quote is worth remembering.

If you ever find yourself struggling through sleepless nights (whether it’s because of small children, work-related demands, exams, chronic illness, etc.), I hope you find this post as encouraging as I did. — “No longer is a good day one in which I wake up well-rested. A good day is one in which I can look back at the end of it and see God’s provision in my lack, his sufficient grace in my moments of weakness, his forgiveness to cover my failures, and more of his joy, laughter, kindness, patience, and love coming out of my mouth than I would have dared to dream when I dragged myself out of bed that morning.”

So much of this comedy skit reminds me of living life overseas. “Complete anarchy” is my favorite quote.

I’ve done a terrible job at reminding everyone about this, but if you have a blog and want to share some posts with us that we could then share via our monthly digital magazine, you can link those up here.


Have a restful weekend!