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So, I’m back from my wild romp with my friends in the big polluted city.  Ikea, Outback, Chili’s, Dairy Queen and my yearly cry. Even non-feelers, like me, sometimes need a good boo-hoo.  

We took many selfies and this actually is the BEST one.  We need to invest in one of those selfie sticks that are all the rage in Asia before our next getaway weekend.

11015898_10205917203426268_353991570_n (600x450)

You never know where you will find amazing urban art.  Sometimes you have to crawl through trash to photograph it.  {Photo Credit: The Birthday Girl}

11063055_10153137033214417_1118217855_n (600x452)

It ceases to amaze me that I have friends that let me take scissors to their hair?! 

11040116_10153111854199417_463714498_n (600x499)

In our last city me and this gal (The Birthday Girl whom I affectionately call Diamond, just because) lived within walking distance of each other.  Man, those were the days!!  Now we are on opposites of the island–two plane rides away from each other. {sniff-sniff}  Happy Birthday, Friend.  Sorry, you had to have a wisdom tooth pulled in the middle of our girl’s weekend.

11051125_10153111853899417_1540521154_n (456x600) 

Now it’s link time…

  • Tom Hanks.  Who doesn’t love him? Do you want to see him lip sync a pop song?  I thought so.  Here you go!
  • So, I am going to learn to hand embroider (as soon as I can find the right supplies).  I need to do something with my hands other than Facebook. Craftsy has a billion different classes (and mini ones are free) you can take online…cake decorating to small space gardening to learning how to make your own bras (no joke). 
  • Here is some very cool photography taken in the 50’s and 60’s, but only recently discovered.
  • I wrote a post last week about isolation. Are you feeling isolated? Here is a great opportunity for an online retreat for expats.  How cool is that!
  • Are you dreaming about the ease, the joy and the pleasure it is to shop in America?  Well, let this remind you that it isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be.  

Until next week, folks! Have a happy weekend!