Weekend Links 07. | TakingRoute.netI’m trying hard not to kill my succulents this time around. Can’t believe I managed to kill something that is such low-maintenance. 

Weekend Links 07. | TakingRoute.netCuriosity was killing me so I tried blending 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and 1 Tbsp of unsalted butter into my coffee. It was surprisingly delicious (but you have to drink it while it’s hot…which is hard to do with a baby and a toddler at home).

Weekend Links 07. | TakingRoute.netI also tried coconut oil on my popcorn (along with a little bit of salt). Another delicious treat.

Weekend Links 07. | TakingRoute.netAs we approach our trip back to the States this year, I’ve slowly been purchasing some items that reflect the culture we live in. Fingers crossed that these don’t get destroyed inside the luggage while en route.

Weekend Links 07. | TakingRoute.netIf local friends are coming over, I usually can’t go wrong with a chicken-rice-leafy vegetable combo (plus some hot sauce!) The way I cook my chicken is so simple and delicious. I included the link to the recipe below.


The links…

Is your experience with your host country’s post office anything like this one? I can very much relate to the writer.

I might have to try making these.

As promised, here is the chicken recipe I like to use when I want others to think I spent a lot of time in the kitchen 😉

What would my mom do? (concerning parenting)

And since I mentioned two ways I’m using coconut oil, I might as well share the rest of the ways it can be used.


Happy weekend, folks!