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I’m always open to new travel products that help keep me more organized. I hate not knowing where things are while traveling on an airplane or temporarily living out of a suitcase. It’s always the little things, like chargers and chapstick and headphones, that frequently get pulled out and then stuffed somewhere different each time. I don’t like to waste any time searching for something, especially since we travel with children. The sooner I can stop a meltdown, the better.

When my husband discovered the Grid-It organizer, this was a game changer for us. We take it with us for every single trip, whether it’s a 1-hour flight or a 15-hour flight. Currently we only have one to share, but I plan on getting one for each member of our family in the very near future.

Today I thought I’d share a few details about the Grid-It organizer and also show you how each member of our family is able to use it (minus the 6-month old baby). 

It offers endless configurations. Unlike the storage pockets found in your purse or backpack that only fit a particular sized object, the straps on the Grid-It give you multiple options of where to put your phone, pens, chapstick, etc. 

The elastic straps hold items firmly in place. When I carry small items in my bag, they still tend to get lost even when I put them in a pocket. Depending on the size of the pocket, the item might get buried in the bottom. If the pocket doesn’t have a zipper, things tend to slip out and fall into a bigger space of my bag. This forces me to dig around even more. With the Grid-It, items fit snuggly in place and they don’t budge. Not even a little bit. Shake it all you want. This gives you that peace of mind that everything is right where you put it.

The design is compact. You won’t be taking up a lot of precious luggage space with this organizer. It’s also easy to pull out and slip back into your bag.

When flipped over, a small amount of additional storage is available via a zippered pocket. If you’re traveling solo, it could be the spot you use to store your passport. For me, it’s the spot I put some wet wipes for inevitable messes. If you have any boarding passes or baggage claim tags, this is the spot to put those. The added security of a zipper is hard to beat.

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It Organizer |

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It Organizer |

Now, let’s talk about how each member of our family is able to utilize the Grid-It organizer. We’ll start off with my husband, who is usually the one that uses it when we travel. He’s the techie one in the family, so he makes sure we’re all set with cables, chargers, earphones, a portable 3G wireless router…the works. If you use a wireless mouse for your laptop, you can squeeze that onto the Grid-It as well. And for those who are curious, our Grid-It (the one featured in this post) is the 10.5″ x 7.5″ size.

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It Organizer |

I use the Grid-It to hold things I typically use while on a flight. Mainly things to help me stay clean and fresh, like gum, tissues, facial spray, Tylenol, and hand sanitizer. I also like to squeeze in some earbuds and a fine-tip Sharpie for journaling on the long flights (if I get the spare time). I packed two types of lip balms for the photo so you can see how even the EOS lip balm ball can fit onto the Grid-It.

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It |

Finally, for the preschooler, we keep things simple. He’s at that wonderful age when watching a movie on a long flight is a realistic option. He’ll even wear the headphones without complaining. But for the short flights (or when he gets bored with the movies), it’s up to Mom and Dad to provide the in-flight entertainment. When it comes to entertaining children on a plane, I tend to overpack because I’m so worried they’ll get bored really fast. The Grid-It helps me keep it simple and pack the basics. For our little man, I’ve packed a few Hot Wheel cars, some markers, Post-It notes (because being able to stick drawings on the back of the seat or window is fun and convenient), and my oh-so-favorite deck of cards, “52 Fun Things to do on the Plane.” Only about half of the deck is at his skill level right now, but that’s still 26 extra things we can do on the plane that won’t take up any carry-on luggage space. The only space it takes up is a small rectangular spot on my Grid-It. Yes, please.

Grid-It Organizer for Kids |

In summary, the Grid-It organizer is a genius design. It comes several different colors and lots of different sizes. It’s everything you’d want in a travel accessory: compact, organized, secure, and lightweight. Win-win-win…win.

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It |

Do you have a Grid-It organizer? What do you use it for? Do you know someone who would benefit from the Grid-It? Be sure to share this post with them or surprise them with an awesome gift! 


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