Where we live, it’s always summer. The only change that happens with the weather is when sometimes it’s a rainy summer and sometimes it’s a dry summer. Oh, and let’s not forget the season when my weather app literally says “smoke” because the government doesn’t enforce laws to prevent people from slashing and burning the rainforests. But I digress…

Thanks to social media, I’ve noticed my other friends around the globe are entering the summer season. To all of you I say, “welcome to my life 365 days of the year.” I actually love living in a warm climate. I only complain for about four weeks out of the whole year when my friends in the States are “loving all this fall weather!! ::insert photo of beautiful leaves and a pumpkin spiced latte::” That’s the one season I miss most. But other than that, I happily slide on my flip-flops and dress my children in one layer of clothes for every day of the year. Another perk of summer all year long…all those refreshing, yummy, summer treats!

Today I want to share five of our favorite treats to beat the heat. Most of these are actually healthy, which makes indulging on these treats all the more guilt-free. I also wanted to make sure I chose recipes that could be made no matter where you live. I know there will still be some of you that can’t get this or that (or maybe you can get it but it has an outrageous export price tag). However, I trust that you are a seasoned expat that knows how to substitute, substitute, substitute! 😉 

1. No-Bake Energy Bites

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat | TakingRoute.net

I make these weekly and it’s my go-to sweet treat. I use 1/4 cup whole flaxseeds (not ground like the recipe calls for) and I don’t always have coconut on hand, so I just leave it out. These energy bites are very easy to tailor to your tastebuds. They’re healthy. They give you a boost of energy. They’re cold. Perfect for summer (especially the energy part…if you are trying to keep up with small kids at home like me).

2. Avocado Chocolate Shake

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat | TakingRoute.net

Ok, I know, this is not a picture of the shake…just an avocado. I didn’t have a photo on hand but click the link and you’ll see exactly what the shake looks like. The first time I had this beverage, it was here in my host country. It sounded like the strangest thing to me, but I’m always up for trying something new. Helloooo creamy, chocolatey goodness. You can find all sorts of more complicated healthier options for this drink out there on the world wide web, but I’m linking to the one that you’ll most likely be served if you come and visit me… sweetened condensed milk and all. Mmmm… 

3. Orange-Infused H2O

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat | TakingRoute.net

No link to a recipe for this summer treat because it’s pretty straight-forward. Fill a pitcher with water, a sliced orange and some ice and you’ve got yourself a super refreshing drink. Staying hydrated is always a smart idea, but especially in the summer time. Infusing your water gives it some flavor and extra vitamins. Who couldn’t use a little more vitamin D?

4. Peanut Butter Banana Pops

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat | TakingRoute.net

These have been a hit in our house. It’s tasty and good for you. You probably have all the ingredients in your house already. For the record, you can substitute regular milk for the almond milk. Also, in case you’re wondering, these are the popsicle molds we use. I’m a big fan.

5. Iced Cappuccino

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat | TakingRoute.net

Sure, for some of us, a delicious, iced coffee is just a short drive (or walk) down the street. But for those of you coffee lovers who live a bit off the beaten path, this recipe is your lifesaver. No fancy coffee gadgets required either!

 5 Healthy Summer Treats To Beat the Heat | TakingRoute.net

What’s your favorite summer treat that helps you beat the heat? Have a link to the recipe? Share it in the comments section, pretty please 🙂