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What began as a Facebook conversation morphed into Taking Route.  “Hey, let’s start a blog.”  And so we did.  

Our heart was (and still is) to connect the global expat world.  To shorten the distance between us. To give expats an outlet to share their hearts and their talents.  To encourage those who feel they are alone.  To allow wisdom to be imparted. To educate and challenge and laugh.  

That’s our heart.

We’ve learned a lot in this past year and we are so thankful for all of our guest writers, readers and encouragers (especially our husbands who have sacrificed a good bit of their time so we could write and research, have iMessage and FaceTime blog meetings, make things Pinteresty, and document snippets of our lives on Instagram).  We have always wanted for Taking Route to grow and to be a true expat collaboration. Honestly, we can’t do all of it on our own!

Which brings us to our announcement:

Taking Route is growing!

We have officially brought on three new contributors. You will have the opportunity to hear from each of them monthly!  Allow us to introduce you to these lovely contributors:

Collette H Bio

Colette Hernandez has lived under palm trees most of her life; growing up in the Dominican Republic and majoring in Spanish in Madrid, Spain. She is one of those enviable TCK’s that didn’t have to wrestle with language learning because she grew up speaking two languages…that was until she moved to Southeast Asia! She found language learning much more difficult as an adult with a family. Her family has lived on the islands for a decade now.  She homeschooled her two children from kindergarten to eighth grade and is now adventuring through the glories and challenges of being a boarding school mom.  She loves to write about the courage, heartbreak and joy of following Jesus overseas as a wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend.  Colette blogs at Colette is Alive.

Read Colette’s previous posts here.

Emily Steele Jackson Bio

Emily Steele Jackson grew up in the U.S. and moved to southern China with her family in 2005. She had been traveling overseas for many years prior to making the jump to expat life, and has always enjoyed learning new languages and cultures. She loves watching movies or exploring the great outdoors with her husband and two kids, and is the primary reason her family always has a pet. Emily is adept at finding the humor in cross-cultural life, and blogs about her China experiences at Small Town Laowai.

Read Emily’s previous posts here.

whole family

Melissa Stiver, lover of coffee, her husband Brandon, two kids Promise and Shepherd, and their dog, Dodger (their dog, Dash, is still questionable).  Melissa, originally from the Central Coast of California, now lives at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in the beautiful country of Tanzania, Africa. Her and her husband direct Kingdom Families, a family based care solution for children who have been orphaned and/or abandoned. Melissa often writes about everyday life in Africa, what it means for her to thrive, and about her creative endeavors. She can whip up a mean Iced Mocha from scratch, is the owner of Milk & Wine Creative, and blogs over at The Beauty Of Becoming.

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Also, we wanted to make sure that you knew all the things that are going on in the Taking Route webisphere.  You don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities we’ve made available for you to connect with other expats!

  • On our Instagram account, we’ve started a new series called #ThisGlobalLife.  One day per week, we are handing over the Taking Route account. We want to introduce you to other expats and let you get a snapshot of what #expatlife looks like around the world.  We are super stoked with the engagement and encouragement we’ve received so far with this series.  Please join up and follow along!  And don’t be shy! Join the conversation. Search for us (@takingrouteblog) and don’t forget to tag your photos with #takingroute so we can follow along with you.
  • We’ve also recently revamped the Taking Route Pinterest account and we’re hoping  it will be a great resource to all world travelers and expats.  We have set up and started pinning relevant articles, recipes, and ideas tailored just for you.  There are boards on Third Culture Kids, Expat Cooking, Expat Advice and Reflections, and more! Search for Taking Route Blog and you’ll find us.

Thank you again for a magnificent year!  We are so blessed to be part of your expat life.


Denise and Kimberlynn