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Something us expats are always doing, transitioning.  Whether to our “host” country, “home” country or somewhere in between, transition is inevitable.  Check out this awesome resource and enter to receive one of the three free ones we are offering!  Also, don’t forget to get your free guide to Navigating the Messy Middle.

Looming Transitions: Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service is a book I wrote with you in mind, was published in January of this year. I love to hear the back-stories on books or movies, so thought I’d share with you how this book came to be.

In 2007 I transitioned back to China after a three year study leave. About eight months into my transition being (mostly) over and life up and running in China, I was feeling (mostly) settled. My organization asked to lead a workshop on how to finish well, geared toward people who would be returning to the U.S. after having lived and taught in Asia. I jumped at the chance; fresh off my own Band-Aid ripping off experience, I figured I had help to share.

All I needed to do was conduct a little bit of internet research, read some articles, throw in a few personal stories, and voilà one basically ready-made presentation. My plan went off without a hitch until I did my first internet search. Almost everything about “ending chapters” in life was related to retiring.

The first year I presented the workshop, I pulled together a few thoughts and told myself the problem was my late start in the search. Information was out there and I would find it. During the next year, I found little help for the workshop. I went back to the list of ideas I had created the first year, added more meat to them and the idea of a book began to grow.

This book is for those who will be going through a major life transition, either moving to the field or preparing to return to your “home” country. It covers all of the potential moves you might make: to the field, back to your home country for a Home Assignment or furlough, or if you sense for now your time on the field is coming to a close. Chance are you’ve been around someone who left the field without finishing as well as they could, either because they shut down too early or started too late.

Allowing parts of yourself to die in order to create space for new life and seasons is not for the faint of heart. But it can be done. The burning question this book answers is how can you keep your soul fertile and sanity intact during transitions?

There are no simple platitudes offered in Looming Transition. You won’t find “three easy steps to anything.” However, you will find suggestions for your soul, your stuff, and your sanity.


In the four months since the book was published, two more needs have arisen I hadn’t anticipated. After reading Looming Transitions, people wondered what resources there are to help children navigate these transitions. This spring I have written a short book called Twenty-Two Activities for Families in Transition. It is a companion resource to Looming Transitions and helps families to process their transitions together as a family by creating a shared experience, a common vocabulary, and a way to express what is happening. I wanted to make this easy to get in your hands so I created a downloadable PDF for $5. I’m also working on it being kindle (maybe by the end of next week!).

The second need I hadn’t anticipated was that people wanted a workbook, so I created a Looming Transition Workbook. It is also a downloadable PDF that you can print out and write in, if you are a paper and pen type of gal OR it has text boxes and you can type your answers in the document.

Looming Transitions is available on Amazon—both in paperback and kindle and is on sale this month (so get it before the price goes up). In addition, I’ve created graphics you can use for blogs, newsletters, and social media as a small way to help those of you in transitions!

Because I know many of you are in need of these three now, I’d love to offer three copies to readers of Taking Route. If you name is drawn you can choose a kindle copy or one of the downloadable PDFs.

For all of you, I’d love to offer:
14 Tools for Navigating the Messy Middle.

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