Taking Route – a play-on-words which sums up the two major steps taken by all expats: taking a route to a new location and then settling down to take root. The second step is usually the most difficult step, especially when the feeling of loneliness is ever-present. That’s why we strive to provide a community for all expats, no matter what country they live in or what line of work brought them overseas. Our goal has always been to utilize our little corner of the web as a spot for expats to come together and share stories, pass along recipes, laugh at cultural mess-ups, inform others of travel tips, share advice on raising TCKs, and ultimately interact and encourage one another as one, big expat family who understands one another.

The community we have built over the past few years is composed mostly of women, which is completely fine with us. After all, our writers are all women, so a female-majority audience seems only natural. As we’ve grown to know a handful of these women more personally (thanks to social media), we found ourselves so inspired by each of their lives overseas. This led us to do the 31-day series in 2016 called, “This Global Life.” In this series, we got a peek into the lives of 31 different expat women and what a typical day looks like for each of them. The series was a hit and we did not want to see it end. We began to brainstorm about how to keep the conversation going between fellow expat women. Thus, Taking Route Podcast was born.


We are busy interviewing expats all around the world on subjects that will be a great interest to you.  We hope to offer another place for us to laugh, grow and share as we journey together on this joyous, yet sometimes bumpy, international route.

Stay tuned! We are due to launch May 2017!