Welcome to the NEW podcast from Taking Route. We’re not going to lie, starting a podcast in a country known for frequent power outages (and having poor internet connection) definitely complicates things. Nevertheless, we are hard-headed enough determined to bring you quality conversations from expat women around the globe. We have SO many topics to cover and we can’t wait to bring you into the conversation. To start things off, Denise and Alicia chat in this “trailer” episode about what you can expect from this podcast and how there’s never a moment in life when a quote from Friends is not applicable.

Show Notes

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In addition to what you learned about us from our introductions, you can also see what a day in each of our lives is like:
A day in Denise’s life.
A day in Alicia’s life.

Here’s the complete 31-day series of This Global Life, which ultimately gave us the push we needed to keep the conversation going via this podcast. Do you want to share YOUR global life with us? Simply tag your photos on Instagram with #ThisGlobalLife and/or #TakingRoute.

THE viral post our blog has had, a mere three months after we started Taking Route. We were totally unprepared for that wave of page views and might never see it again. So let’s have a moment of silence for this one-hit wonder, shall we? (Also, this is when Alicia wrote under the pen name “Kimberlynn” … in case anyone is wondering). 

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