Colette and her husband, Max, have a marriage that is admired by the young students they spend time with in their city. “I want a marriage just like yours,” the students constantly exclaim. But Colette assures the students (and us) that their marriage does not come without a lot of hard work, commitment, and sometimes having the same conversation over and over and… well, you get the point. Their secret? Transparency!


Colette has written some great essays here on Taking Route. The one referenced in this episode was Four Snares of an Expat Marriage. If you’d like to read more by Colette (because she has so many great words of wisdom, plus one CRAZY rat story), then you can take a look here

The Suffering Expat essay referenced after Alicia one-downed Denise about her rainbows.

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We’re so thankful for Colette being so transparent with all of us as she spoke about her marriage. As a reminder, not all marital issues need to be kept between you and your spouse. Please do not hesitate to seek the counsel from another couple or counselor, especially if moral or abusive issues arise. And as a side note, marital counseling is not exclusively for marriages falling to pieces. Counseling of any kind is always good for your spiritual and mental well-being. 


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