Any high schooler would choose boarding school over homeschooling, right?  Not necessarily.  Robin Talley discusses how, as a family, they talked through educational choices and how they decided to homeschool through high school (even though they live in a remote area without traditional American opportunities).  Robin talks to us about overcoming doubt during hard times, being creative to fulfill the social needs of her teens, and how to smoothly transition from making decisions FOR your children to making decisions WITH your children.  This episode is packed full of wisdom from a TCK parent and is worth the listen –even if your kids are just toddlers and homeschool isn’t even on your radar.

You can connect with Robin on Instagram. She also contributes her homeschooling wisdom over on our TCK schooling Instagram account: @TheTravelingAcademy.

Here are a few of the resources Robin mentioned throughout her interview:

NorthStar Academy 
“NorthStar Academy (NSA) is an online private Christian school that currently offers students in grades 4-12 a complete academic and diploma-granting program. NorthStar Academy was founded to provide quality online education facilitated by godly teachers who are inspired by their faith – integrating faith and learning through sound curriculum, while in parternship with students, families and schools worldwide. Academic and spiritual readiness is achieved through faith-based, student-centered courses led by credentialed teachers who challenge students through engaging, standards-based content.”

“Sevenstar partners with Christian schools and families worldwide to provide high-quality, Christ-centered education. We have more than 100 courses for 6-12thgrade, as well as over 200 Dual Credit courses from leading Christian Colleges and Universities. Our staff desires to glorify Christ, teach students how to process information, and think critically in the context of a Biblical worldview. Our courses are rigorous and exceed all national standards and recommendations.”

“For over forty years, schools and homeschooling families have trusted Abeka to provide materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give you all the tools you need to make learning interesting and memorable.”

And finally, Robin’s favorite homeschooling tool lately… Teaching TextbooksShe says it’s like having a personal math tutor for your kids, who also grades all the work. Yes, please.


Our “Favorite Things” topic for this week: Travel Items … And we LOVE packing cubes!

Our listener, Samantha, shared some great ways to use packing cubes. Her bags of choice are made by EBags (and so many color options!) Alicia’s packing cubes are made by TravelWise (not as many color options but you get a few more size options for a similar price). You should definitely get yourself some cubes, pronto.

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