The longer you live overseas, the harder it is to answer the question, “which country do you like best?” While culture shock usually brings all the things you don’t love about a country to the surface, longevity ends up showing you things about the culture you wish you could take with you everywhere you go. We covered a wide-range of topics with Elizabeth including making friends, having a bicycle as your main transportation, and giving birth abroad. What do they all have in common? Trade-offs. We think you’ll walk away after listening to this interview with a new enthusiasm to embrace your host country with open arms. Sure, there are things we might just have let go of… but there are also new things we can pick up along the way.

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If hearing Elizabeth talk about the Netherlands made you wish you could just get a peek into her life, you’re in luck! She shared a day in her life with us during our 31-day series, This Global Life. You can check it out here.

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