For 13 years, Phillippa and her husband and their 2 kids lived in a remote village in the Philippines. When it became obvious that their time there was coming to a close, Philippa found herself dreaming of a life in the West drinking coffee while her kids went to a beautiful public school. Then they received an email asking them to consider a new village with a NEW language and a NEW culture (which also requires a helicopter ride in and out). Philippa knew in her heart her family would be moving there. In this episode, she shares how starting over can be challenging, especially when juggling language learning, family commitments, and homeschool.  But she’s also finding these challenges to be a beautiful, life-changing experience.

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News article about that Malaysian Plane that went down from Kuala Lumpur.  (You’re welcome to remind you of such a jolly time of history.)

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Dacia is the one who asked us to interview Philippa.  Dacia’s episode is “Meeting the Culture More Than Halfway.” 

Melissa and Denise’s Favorite Things:

Melissa is loving The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Stalwart Companions.  Sherlock meets Teddy Roosevelt.  

Denise totally botched the name of the book on the podcast, but she recently took out Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson.  She just finished The Witch at Blackbird Pond with her kids and it was a winner, even for the 6 year old.

Netflix Shows:
Melissa just finished Stranger Things.  She loves The Middle although it isn’t on Netflix.  
Neither Melissa and Denise like the Hallmark Movies.
Denise loves The Blacklist but it isn’t for everyone ’cause #murder.  But James Spader is amaaazing!

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Denise is loving Josh Garrels Station and Josh Groban Noel.
Melissa is a musician who had no suggestions for us today but in the past she recommended Robots & Rivers.

Melissa is a high roller and bought two pairs of boots.  These and these
Denise only bought one pair.  Like this but in beige.