One of the more intimidating things about living cross-culturally is when you decide to start inviting people into your home. Our minds tend to go into overthinking mode with all sorts of questions: “What if they don’t feel comfortable? What if they don’t like the food I prepare for them? Is this halal? Do I need to make room to sit on the floor or in chairs?” Fortunately, Julie, the writer behind The Serviette, puts our minds to ease about the topic of hosting others in our home. She opens up about her own experiences—as well as insecurities—when it comes to being a hospitable expat and helps us to remember that it’s really about making more room in your heart, schedule, and lives for those around you. It has much less to do with the space available in your home or whether you can prepare the best meal. Be sure to keep listening after the interview as more women chime in with their experiences of having people in their homes.

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