She Didn’t Need My Wisdom

The sunlight slipped through the front windows as I sat at the kitchen table, attempting to finish my coffee before the day began. From the front of the house I heard the screeching of the gate opening, a sound so high-pitched there will never be a need for a doorbell. Moments later, my house helper […]

Get After Grateful: The Expat Edition

”If I lived here, it would be so hard to find something wrong with this place,” I announced to my husband as we walked through a beautiful grocery store in a neighboring country. I walked by all the the things I normally couldn’t find in our host country: pork, deli meat, bagels, Life cereal. And […]

Episode 11: Holding Loosely to Our Plans with Allie Riddle

It’s always good to have a plan. That’s the responsible thing to do, after all. Unfortunately, there’s never any guarantee things will go according to plan — and this is when our flexibility as expats is tested. Whether it’s a sudden change of documents needed at the immigration office or political unrest that necessitates immediate […]

Where There IS a Doctor, But You Don’t Trust Him

“Are you taking any vitamins,” the doctor asked me as we sat at his desk. I reached down to my purse and pulled out my value size bottle of prenatal vitamins. The label featured the pink silhouette of curvy pregnant lady. “Yes, here’s what I’m taking,” I reassured him as I placed it on his […]

It’s Tea Time Somewhere : “All About Home Assignments”

It’s time for another segment of “It’s Tea Time Somewhere!” This time we’re talking home assignments. What does our preparation look like? How bad is the jet lag? (Spoiler alert: real bad.) What does life look like when we’re finally back to our home country? These are just a few of the things Denise, Alicia, […]

Episode 10: The Trade-Offs of Expat Life with Elizabeth

The longer you live overseas, the harder it is to answer the question, “which country do you like best?” While culture shock usually brings all the things you don’t love about a country to the surface, longevity ends up showing you things about the culture you wish you could take with you everywhere you go. […]