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5 Ways I Want My TCKs to Be Brave

“Be Brave.”  It is a tagline we see on t-shirts, jewelry and the message of pop-songs galore.  There seems to be a sudden obsession with the idea of being “brave.”  We hear it used in many scenarios. We overuse it to the point it has lost some of it’s meaning, similar to words like “love” and […]

6 Reasons Why My Adopted Child is Not Lucky

My husband and I finalized the adoption of our son at the end of August. In an amazing act of God, our adoption, from start to finish, took only 5 months. As residents of Tanzania, an adoption going that quick is pretty much unheard of. So, as you can imagine, when our adoption was finished, […]

Public School Pros & Cons While on Home Assignment

We have started a new Instagram project called The Traveling Academy. We have folks posting regularly who are schooling kids from toddlers to high school. Please come on a follow along and tag your friends who may be interested, too. We’ve homeschooled from day one…actually, more by default than anything else.  It’s the only option […]

5 Ways to Impact Your TCK’s Attitude

I’ve been a third culture kid (TCK) for as long as I’ve been alive. I am proud to have a childhood full of cultural experiences, a mouth that mixes multiple languages, and a heart that just can’t quite commit to one ethnic group. Now that I have children of my own, I enjoy seeing similar traits […]