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Grieving the Loss of Loved Ones from Far Away

It was Monday night. My family had moved overseas three weeks earlier. Hubby and I were sitting in bed laughing and talking about our crazy new experiences. It was late. As we were talking, my phone bleeped. Seriously…who is texting me this late?!?! As I picked up my phone, I read the four words that […]

5 Steps to Raising Readers in a Non-English Setting

Raising children who read well, read often, and read enthusiastically has been a huge goal of mine! Partly because of my own love of reading, but also because of the way a good book opens doors in the heart and mind that our limited daily experiences are just incapable of.  By the time my daughter […]

How My Kid Got Expelled from Kindergarten

We have started a new Instagram project called The Traveling Academy. We have folks posting regularly who are schooling kids from toddlers to high school. Please come on a follow along and tag your friends who may be interested, too. We all know Kindergarten is a great way to socialize children, so after moving to […]

What Angelina Jolie and I Have in Common

I’m thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity  to guest write over on Djibouti Jones.  Today I’ll be sharing some advice on how to handle “the paparazzi” when out and about with your children. I’ve shared a snippet of it here and if you’re interested you can continue reading it on Rachel’s blog by clicking the […]

Four Snares of an Expat Marriage

Marriage is work. We all know that, right? It’s a hot, glorious mess of love, perseverance, humility and work. We are constantly building our marriages. But what do you do when you throw expat living into that hot mess? What do you do when you are living in a foreign land with a foreign language […]

10 Tips for Giving Birth Abroad

Exactly one month ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever laid eyes on (of course, I’m biased). My birth experience with my daughter was completely different than my experience with my son. To my surprise, I enjoyed my birthing experience abroad much more than my experience in America. I thought the […]

When Your TCK Doesn’t Love Locals

I think I always assumed since my first two children were ages two and nine months when we moved overseas and the others were born abroad that there would never be a problem with my kids “fitting in” or loving life here.   Most of my children are happy as clams and run around barefoot, […]