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Sweet & Tangy Homemade BBQ Sauce

July 4th is an American holiday that can sometimes get a little lost in this expat life we live. There probably aren’t any fireworks for sale this time of year. There are no Old Navy flag shirts being worn by every other person you see, reminding you to be patriotic. You probably never see an […]

Have You Heard About the GlobeIn Artisan Box?

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Earlier this month I had a box of goodies from all around the globe arrive on my doorstep and I’m so excited to share the products with you today! Here at Taking Route, we’re careful about the products and businesses we point you towards. We only team up with people that care about and support the same […]

5 Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

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Where we live, it’s always summer. The only change that happens with the weather is when sometimes it’s a rainy summer and sometimes it’s a dry summer. Oh, and let’s not forget the season when my weather app literally says “smoke” because the government doesn’t enforce laws to prevent people from slashing and burning the rainforests. […]

Spaghetti Salad (Kid-friendly, Quick & Easy)

I have been craving fresh lately.  I have been so bored with rice, rice and more rice.  I have been dreaming of the ready to eat salad aisle at the American produce section.  And, all those salad dressings…what will I do?   Since, I am still 3 months away from walking the aisles of Kroger […]

Personal Pan Pizza Party & Copycat Recipe

We keep it simple around here for birthdays.  I think with five kids, I just can’t see getting into themed parties and such.  I want to build birthday traditions, make the day fun and special but avoid stress.  I’ve learned through experience if I try to “go big” for parties that my focus gets all […]

6 Tips for Shopping at the Local Market

Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win our favorite expat cookbook, “The Homemade Pantry”.  Click here to enter!  You’re new to town. Your neighbor says to shop at the market for all your produce and meat. While this may sound easy to most seasoned expats, markets can cause fear for many in a […]

Hack Yourself a Cappuccino

So coffee is a must for me.  A way of life.  And when I fly out of our little city I get stoked when I can go get a tasty Starbucks (or better yet Black Canyon Coffee).  My fave: iced cappuccino…  ‘Cause I live in the tropics and hot coffee is only for in-the-morning-sunrise-watching.  My […]