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Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

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Probably the best news about these cinnamon rolls (other than the fact that they’re delicious) is that the dough only has to rise once. I love to make bread products but sometimes I opt out of it because I just don’t feel like waiting for all the dough to rise over and over again. I had […]

Most Delicious Roasted Carrots

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Why is it that I seem to always plan the main dish but forget to plan a side? So, there I am, time and time again, staring at the options.  And the options always include carrots.  Cause they are cheap and never rot.  And they always seem to be sitting in the crisper waiting for […]

The Lice Post

A normal day our porch looks like this: Our lives are full of wonderful, fantastic, national children that live in the village area behind our home. But a village life is a community life and these kids share everything: beds, clothes, brushes, fevers…and lice. As my children are invited into their lives they are also […]

Slow Cooker Cajun Lemon Chicken & Gravy

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Walking through the market last week I stumbled across a real find; a real bright shiny lemon.  Imported with that beautiful Sunkist sticker.  Probably the most expensive lemons I have ever bought.  I could only part with half of it for this recipe and it was still plenty lemony for me.   But if I […]