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Thriving in the In-Between

For months, my husband and I have been in the “In Between.” It’s the label I’ve given to this season of praying, waiting for answers, meeting with the board of our organization, praying some more, and waiting for some more answers. I would love to tell you that I rock at the In-Between and that […]

How Living Overseas Drained the Extrovert out of Me

Living overseas changes you, though not always in the ways you expect. For example, I knew that in order for me to adapt to life in China, my preference for advanced planning would need to be adjusted. I knew my time-orientation would need to shift towards event-orientation. I would probably even need to tone down […]

The Two Words Overseas Workers Need to Hear

A notecard sat on my desk for an entire year (which is like seven in expat years). Despite looking at it frequently, I can’t remember most of what it said. However, there are two words in the handwritten note that are burned in my heart: thank you. During our years on the field, we have […]

7 Years, 7 Reflections of a Life Overseas

It’s hard to believe that seven years have passed since our little family of four sold almost all of our belongings and transplanted ourselves to the other side of the world.  Seven years.  Now, we’re a family of almost eight.   Time has crept by and zoomed past, both at the same time.  Sitting in my nice […]

Remember the Little Things Through Photography

It’s easy to take for granted the things we see every day. The places we go and the things we do don’t always seem very noteworthy or in need of a photograph. The grocery store, the hole-in-the-wall (often literal!) restaurant you love, the take out menus that make “those” days overseas a bit easier to […]

Blogaversary, Exciting News and an {Amazon} Giveaway

What began as a Facebook conversation morphed into Taking Route.  “Hey, let’s start a blog.”  And so we did.   Our heart was (and still is) to connect the global expat world.  To shorten the distance between us. To give expats an outlet to share their hearts and their talents.  To encourage those who feel they are […]

A Call to Older Expat Women: Help!

Three kids, cloth diapers, homeschool, 2-day power outages, long nasty trips to the market, strep throat, babies cutting molars, temper tantrums, power-struggles, husbands in the bush, broken water pump, lice…again.  No grandparents, no Mommy-Day-Out, no Starbucks, no gym with a pool, no fellowship nursery, no safe outdoor playground, no car, no dishwasher, no air-conditioner. Do you […]

Wherever He Leads I’ll Go, Maybe

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Hey expat ladies! Have you heard about the blog for expat women, Velvet Ashes? If you haven’t you should hop on over there and take a look around. There are a lot of encouraging posts written by fellow expat women, just like you, living life abroad. I had the opportunity to guest post over there […]