Thriving Abroad: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

It’s all too easy to fall into the Complaining Foreigner trap. Living in another culture pits you straight against stuff that is going to rub you the wrong way. After a while, the irritations can become all you think and talk about. (Actually, you’re probably also thinking and talking about everything that suddenly seems so […]

Going “All In” (Again and Again)

The decision had to be made this last trip back home, “sell or rent?”  It had been almost eight years since we left our suburban home in the States. When the long-term renters moved out, something had to be done.  Why was this decision so hard for us?  I liked the house but I didn’t have […]

The Grace to be a Good Idiot

If you’re going to live in another country, it’s guaranteed that you are going to feel like an idiot at some point. We have all been there. (Some of us are there so often that we have annual passes.) Often, it’s what we say that makes us sound like idiots. We tell the clerk at […]

An Expat’s Blended Expectations

I have been dreaming of a high powered blender for years.  Grinding meats, perfecting green smoothies, and making instant ice cream are just a few of this beautiful appliance’s promises.  While on home assignment I knew I wanted a high powered professional blender to be my “big” purchase.  My Christmas present.  I did my research […]

The Best of Taking Route 2015

This has been a full year with both Kimberlynn and I have spending over half of the year in the States.  Good for us, our families and our stomachs but not so good for our expat blog.  The heart behind this blog is collaboration and this year has been full of it.  We are thankful […]

A Honest Look at Going Back Overseas

This is one of those honest posts. The kind my husband will read, will look at me and ask, “Are you sure you want to say that?” And I do.  So here it goes. I don’t want to go back. There. It’s out now.  Free for all of the web-a-world to see.  I’ve been afraid to say […]

Thriving in the In-Between

For months, my husband and I have been in the “In Between.” It’s the label I’ve given to this season of praying, waiting for answers, meeting with the board of our organization, praying some more, and waiting for some more answers. I would love to tell you that I rock at the In-Between and that […]

How Living Overseas Drained the Extrovert out of Me

Living overseas changes you, though not always in the ways you expect. For example, I knew that in order for me to adapt to life in China, my preference for advanced planning would need to be adjusted. I knew my time-orientation would need to shift towards event-orientation. I would probably even need to tone down […]