This Global Life | Day 22: Ghana

My name is Christy Johanningmeier. I am a teacher at an international school in Accra, Ghana. I have been living overseas for a third of my life. I have taught English in China, 3rd grade in South Korea, and now I teach Bible here in Ghana. I love teaching, kids, and exploring many aspects of […]

This Global Life | Day 21: Mali

Hi! I’m Anna. I started my cross cultural life in 2008 with language school in Quebec and then a move to the Republic of Congo. April 15 may remind you of taxes, but it will always remind me of the day I arrived in Mali, where I now live with my husband and three children. […]

This Global Life | Day 20: Senegal

Hi, I’m Jenilee Goodwin, a runner, writer, lover of books and a huge coffee fan. I’m a mom to three rambunctious, super fun girls and wife to an adventurous, always interesting, outdoorsy guy. My family lives in West Africa where the dust and humidity make life interesting!  I love all things techy and you can […]

This Global Life| Day 19: Ukraine

Hi, I’m Kim! I’m married to Jed and we have five crazy brave kids. We are the founders of Wide Awake International and live in Ukraine where we serve precious boys and men who live in a rural mental institution in our region. We adopted our oldest son, Vladik, from that institution last summer. Those […]

This Global Life | Day 18: Bosnia

Pozdrav iz Sarajeva! Cat Norman Tahirović here. I spent my childhood in Nigeria where my parents worked as medical missionaries until the early 2000’s. In true TCK form, I grew up to later try out life in back in the USA, then in China, Czech Republic, and Germany while building a two-pronged career in photography […]

This Global Life | Day 17: Germany

Hallo! I’m Julie, a Canadian living in southern Germany with my American husband. He’s been living in Germany (due to work) since early 2011, and I’ve been living here since late 2014, after our wedding. When we were younger, we both thought of living abroad, but Germany was not really on our radar, but we’re finding […]

This Global Life | Day 16: The Netherlands

Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I live in the Netherlands with my husband, Jeff, and two (soon to be three) boys. We live in the town of Delft in South Holland. We moved to Delft from Colorado, U.S.A. almost exactly a year ago for my husbands work. We’ve embraced Dutch life, biking as much as we can. […]

This Global Life | Day 15: Scotland

Hello! I’m Sophie Dingle and I currently live in Scotland with my husband and baby son. My husband is a professional hockey player in Europe and this is our sixth hockey season as expats (four years in Italy and two in Scotland). We like to think of ourselves as adventurers and explorers in all aspects […]