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This Global Life | Day 31: Indonesia

Hello, I’m Denise. I’m the other half of this little blog (you met Kimberlynn on Day 1).   I’m an Army Brat, so when asked where I am from, I give the simplest answer, “Georgia.”   Whether I’m homeschooling my six kids or hiding in the a/c watching Netflix, I can guarantee I’m always thinking about what […]

Tip #31: Find the funny

Bill Cosby has spent a lifetime entertaining millions of people by finding the funny in ordinary situations. Whether he was describing the challenges of parenting small children, the dreadfulness of visiting the dentist or the inspiration of chocolate cake for breakfast, Bill Cosby made the world laugh by finding the humor in the mundane details […]

Tip #30: Know when to DUCK

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I remember a conversation we had with a colleague, Yoda, right before we moved.  His nickname comes from his bald head, large ears and shortish stature.   My husband was ragging on him for obvious reasons when Yoda made this statement, “Think of me when you are riding on Asian public transportation.”  My hubby laughed and […]

Tip #29: Take a “stay-cation”

As we draw near to the end of this series, it’s clear to see that lots of learning takes place once you move overseas. Around every turn there’s a learning opportunity to be had. Whether we’re learning language, manners, how to get around the city, the proper way to host a guest, or how to […]

Tip #28: Get to Know Your Butcher

For many reasons, one of my favorite things to do here is go to the Butcher. One, it is a social hub and when it is busy you can sit in the big windowsill and listen to the conversations between the Butcher and the customers. I love hearing how they talk to and have fun […]

Tip #27: Enjoy the new, greener you

  Sometimes moving and living overseas makes us green with envy at all the stuff we’re missing back home. Pumpkin Spice Latte notifications on Facebook every September. “Leaves are changing!” “Gorgeous fall day!” “Look I’m wearing a sweater and a scarf and not sweating!” That’s for those of us in the tropics. For all y’all […]

Tip #26: Always Keep a Frisbee Handy

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When moving to a foreign country, there will be a season of adjustment. Culture, language, driving, everything will be a shock to the system. And most people know that the food will be different and take a little while to get used to. I found that when I first moved to my host country that […]