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Moving Abroad: Getting Over the Fear

If you’re just joining in on this “Moving Abroad” series, be sure to start with the first post: “Get Mentally Prepared”. If you know someone about to make the big move abroad, point them in the direction of this great series! If you’ve ever moved overseas, you might be familiar with neophobia–the fear of anything […]

Moving Abroad: Getting on the Plane

Did you catch the first part of this series, “Get Mentally Prepared“? If you’re just joining us in this series, be sure to start with that post. Moving week arrived far too quickly. My to-do lists were only half crossed-off; I had to prioritize and let go of trying to get it all done. Once […]

Moving Abroad: Get Mentally Prepared

We’re excited to introduce our guest writer, Christie, to you today! We’ve been in communication with her quite a bit over the past several months and we’re so happy to be publishing her “moving abroad” series here on the blog. Christie has just recently moved abroad with her family and we’re so thankful she took […]

The Silver Lining of Frequent Moves

My family and I just moved for the not-sure-how-many-th time. (You can read my take on why it’s so hard to answer the question,“How many times have you moved?”) We are keenly—almost painfully—aware of the downsides of moving, and how those downsides get amplified when the moves are frequent. However, I’ve also been ruminating on […]

Coming Home: 10 Helps for Parents of Expats

Last year I sat down with a friend and asked this simple question, “How was your time back in the States?”  Her answer, in a nutshell “long, stressful and I’m glad to be back.”   Her main reason for answering this way.  Her family.   Now don’t get me wrong she loves her family, is […]

Adventure Awaits: Thailand

Today we’re starting an ongoing series and we hope it will become an archive FULL of helpful information for the frequent traveller and adventure-seeker. The series is called “Adventure Awaits”. This series won’t grow into anything without your help. We are now taking submissions from all expats living abroad who would like to tell us a […]

In My Carry-On: The Grid-It Organizer

I’m always open to new travel products that help keep me more organized. I hate not knowing where things are while traveling on an airplane or temporarily living out of a suitcase. It’s always the little things, like chargers and chapstick and headphones, that frequently get pulled out and then stuffed somewhere different each time. […]