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From Life in the Dorm to Life in the Tropics

I entered the auditorium in a sea of shiny caps and gowns, and exited a college graduate. After weeks of “good-byes” and “good-lucks,” my friends were joining the workforce and I was moving overseas. With an English degree in hand, I was headed to Southeast Asia to visit friends, help others, and look for opportunities […]

Enjoying Fall When You are Far From Home: Part 2

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It’s warm in a lot of the places we live during this time of year, but we can still experience a changing season by decorating, baking, celebrating, and bringing in the sense of warmth that the fall brings.  Adding in the warm colors, fragrances, and tastes of the season can be easy to do right […]

10 Things That Change Once You’ve Lived Overseas

The rewarding experiences one gains from living life overseas can sometimes be crowded out by the inevitable struggles that come with the full, expat-life package. But it’s through those struggles and challenges that you discover more about yourself and the world around you. You embrace lessons learned and broaden your horizons. If you’ve ever lived […]

Enjoying Fall When You are Far From Home: Part 1

Making our home feel like the holidays has always been important to me. September rolls around and my kids are begging…”Can we decorate? Can we make cookies?” I revisit my Pinterest board for everything pumpkin and apple and I beg my barista to make me a Pumpkin Spice Latte (still, not available on this side […]

7 Dry Mixes in 30 Minutes

Yesterday on Facebook a friend who is about to come back overseas posed this question: “I’m packing and doing last minute shopping; remind me what I need to bring back.”  So, of course we all started throwing out our suggestions and favorite items to stuff into the trusty black foot locker.  But by far the most […]