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I Love You, I Love You Not

I have a love-hate relationship with where we live. Well, “hate” is a bit of an exaggeration, so we’ll call it a love-strongly dislike relationship. I’m sure that’s common for just about anyone, anywhere in the world. One day, you can’t imagine yourself living anywhere but right where you are. The next day, you’d take […]

Common Mistakes Made When Flying With Infants

Believe it or not I am actually starting this post on a plane. I am not an expert on much of anything except for maybe flying with infants (or just kids in general but this post is focusing in infants). Do you know that my youngest bundle of joy logged 9 plane rides before he […]

The Lice Post

A normal day our porch looks like this: Our lives are full of wonderful, fantastic, national children that live in the village area behind our home. But a village life is a community life and these kids share everything: beds, clothes, brushes, fevers…and lice. As my children are invited into their lives they are also […]

Slow Cooker Cajun Lemon Chicken & Gravy

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Walking through the market last week I stumbled across a real find; a real bright shiny lemon.  Imported with that beautiful Sunkist sticker.  Probably the most expensive lemons I have ever bought.  I could only part with half of it for this recipe and it was still plenty lemony for me.   But if I […]