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Episode 00: Introducing the Taking Route Podcast!

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Welcome to the NEW podcast from Taking Route. We’re not going to lie, starting a podcast in a country known for frequent power outages (and having poor internet connection) definitely complicates things. Nevertheless, we are hard-headed enough determined to bring you quality conversations from expat women around the globe. We have SO many topics to cover and we […]

Loving Well Long-Distance: Friends from Afar

This is our last post in the series Loving Well Long Distance.  Read the first two parts, Family Relationships and Romantic Relationships, and tell us how you stay connected to your loved ones.   A few months ago, I dreamed that we broke up. Not my husband and me, but with a friend. We exchanged […]

12 Reasons My Home Will Never be Featured on HGTV

I like pretty things as much as the next gal.   I think I’ve good taste when it comes to paint colors and fabric patterns…not that you could tell from my house.   I scan Instagram and look at gorgeous homes…even the homes of other expats.  I don’t know what filter they’re using, but I […]

Taking Route Podcast Coming Soon!

Taking Route – a play-on-words which sums up the two major steps taken by all expats: taking a route to a new location and then settling down to take root. The second step is usually the most difficult step, especially when the feeling of loneliness is ever-present. That’s why we strive to provide a community […]

Loving Well Long Distance: Family Relationships

While our family waited at the gate to board our flight to Slovakia, my younger sister told me she thought she might be pregnant with her first (turns out, it was her first and second). My older sister told me via Skype a few months later that she, too, was pregnant. Over that year, both […]

Loving Well Long-Distance: The Romantic Relationship

There are so many new people to meet and things to learn (like a language…or even an alphabet…) when you move overseas, your relationships back home can start to slip. We’ve got a simple three-part guide for keeping those important long-distance relationships thriving during separation, focusing on significant others, family, and friends. First up: your […]

What’s on Your 2017 Cultural Bucket List?

When we first moved to Kunming a couple of years ago, I was rarin’ to get out and explore all that this new location had to offer. I wanted to visit ALL the parks, try ALL the local food, and find ALL the little hole-in-the-wall shops that are often key to life in China. Although […]

Tongue-Tied? Blame Your Affective Filter

I was out running errands and happened to pass by a pharmacy so I popped in to buy some band-aids. In little pharmacies in rural China, band-aids are the kind of thing that are kept behind the counter, so I approached the employees to ask them to get me some. The weirdest thing happened, though. […]