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This Global Life | Day 27: India

My name is Melody. My husband and I have one daughter, and are expecting another baby in six months. I am in medicine and my husband does community development, but we are pausing our professional careers at the moment to study language full-time. My family and I live in India, where we have been for […]

This Global Life | Day 22: Ghana

My name is Christy Johanningmeier. I am a teacher at an international school in Accra, Ghana. I have been living overseas for a third of my life. I have taught English in China, 3rd grade in South Korea, and now I teach Bible here in Ghana. I love teaching, kids, and exploring many aspects of […]

This Global Life | Day 21: Mali

Hi! I’m Anna. I started my cross cultural life in 2008 with language school in Quebec and then a move to the Republic of Congo. April 15 may remind you of taxes, but it will always remind me of the day I arrived in Mali, where I now live with my husband and three children. […]

This Global Life | Day 11: Guatemala

Hi, I’m Michelle, a born and raised California girl who now calls Guatemala home. I moved to Guatemala as an independent 27-year-old carrying two suitcases and a dream of teaching overseas. I told my parents, “I’m just going for a year.” In the process, I fell in love with the country, the culture and a man, who […]