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Beating Back Cultural Stress with Exploration

Sometimes cultural differences are seen in the stark differences you notice as soon as you get off the plane. People that look different than you. The polluted sky. The crowded streets. The staring at your fair skin and light hair. Or maybe it is in the tasks of daily life that you feel it. The […]

This Global Life | Day 30: Rural China

Hi! I’m Germaine. I’m from small town Oklahoma and currently live in Asia’s Golden Triangle. My Sweetie and I wanted to be part of positive development in this region so what better way than to start an organic farm? 😊 He milks cows and calls me his “Dairy Queen”. 👸🏼Homeschooling here fills my heart and […]

This Global Life | Day 29: Southern China

Hi, I’m Emily, and I currently live in southwest China with my husband and two children. We’ve lived in China for over a decade and yet I’m still learning new things about the language and culture nearly every day. I love hanging out with friends, being in nature, cooking, learning new Chinese characters (it’s true) […]