It’s Tea Time Somewhere: All About Christmas

Christmas is upon us and Denise, Alicia and Melissa are talking ALL about it.  They take the discussion way back to their childhood years and discuss the traditions they grew to love.  Those traditions turned into expectations (which sometimes led to disappointments) they put on the holiday season as an adult.  They discuss their first […]

Christmas Traditions that Travel

Last weekend, as we unpacked our Christmas tree and decorations, we found that something was missing—or maybe I should say, Someone. Like baby Jesus. Plus Mary and Joseph. Our beautiful nativity set made the overseas move in great condition…but apparently the holy family missed the boat. We ended up taking a stand-alone Mary, Joseph, and […]

A TCK Perspective: An Advent Tradition

On the first night of Advent, my mother laughed and requested a flashlight. The single candle wasn’t bright enough for her to read from our devotional. Every night afterwards the light grew brighter and brighter. My heart longed for the final candle, Jesus’ candle, to be lit. On Christmas night, it is hard to describe […]

Homemade Eggnog

Several days ago, I shared a chai hot chocolate recipe and mentioned how it would have to become a Christmas drink tradition, much like our homemade eggnog. A friendly reader asked if I might be willing to share THAT recipe and I thought to myself, “What a perfect excuse to go ahead and make some […]

My Big Fat American Christmas Let-Down

I’m going to make a statement that may rock the world of some folks. Are you ready? I like Christmas better overseas. Saaay what? Are you kidding me? No, I’m not. I hate being away from family…in fact, the perfect Christmas would be if my family could magically transport into my living room on Christmas […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Trimming the Tree with Small Children

Thanksgiving has come and gone; our bellies are full and our joy is abundant.  With the entrance of snow and freezing temps (not for us but maybe for you) comes the magical time of the year known as Christmas.  Expectations are high for both children and adults.  It is a special time overflowing with family traditions […]