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No Such Thing as a Simple Errand

The other day, I was berating myself for having trouble keeping up with household tasks and chores here in China. The last time we lived in the States, we were in a two-story house. With some help from my husband and kids, I managed all the regular household chores fairly easily. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, […]

When Fear Almost Killed Me

“Alina? Are you ok?” Over the sound of the wind, my consciousness drained.   I heard my husband calling, “Alina? Are you ok? Do I need to pull over?” I never answered back.  He decelerated his motorbike and parked in a safe place.   I stumbled off of the bike and put my head between my […]

Four Snares of an Expat Marriage

Marriage is work. We all know that, right? It’s a hot, glorious mess of love, perseverance, humility and work. We are constantly building our marriages. But what do you do when you throw expat living into that hot mess? What do you do when you are living in a foreign land with a foreign language […]