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No Such Thing as a Simple Errand

The other day, I was berating myself for having trouble keeping up with household tasks and chores here in China. The last time we lived in the States, we were in a two-story house. With some help from my husband and kids, I managed all the regular household chores fairly easily. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, […]

When Fear Almost Killed Me

“Alina? Are you ok?” Over the sound of the wind, my consciousness drained.   I heard my husband calling, “Alina? Are you ok? Do I need to pull over?” I never answered back.  He decelerated his motorbike and parked in a safe place.   I stumbled off of the bike and put my head between my […]

The “Suffering” Expat

We all know the One-Upper, right? The person who always owns something a little better, did something a little more interesting, knows about something a little more in-depth than you do. Those one-uppers know how to bring a good conversation to a screeching halt. You just can’t compete. They win, they always do…  How about […]