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Our Actions Speak Louder Than Our Hashtags

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I know how it feels when it hits you. You open up your Facebook feed, your Twitter homepage or your CNN app. Something else went wrong today. Terribly wrong. There’s another massacre, another senseless killing, another injustice, another seemingly-unquenchable evil entity rising in governments all around the world. For some of you, it’s not just […]

No Such Thing as a Simple Errand

The other day, I was berating myself for having trouble keeping up with household tasks and chores here in China. The last time we lived in the States, we were in a two-story house. With some help from my husband and kids, I managed all the regular household chores fairly easily. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, […]

Moving Abroad: Finding Community Overseas

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This is the final post of a 6-part series entitled “Moving Abroad”. If you’re just joining us for this series, be sure to start with “Getting Mentally Prepared”. And don’t forget to share this series with anyone you know that is preparing to move abroad!  Three months after our move overseas, our two-year-old son had a […]

How to Pack the Perfect Care Package

One thing I miss about the States is my mailbox.  There is something magical about opening up a little black door and having a handful of letters (okay mostly junk mail, but still) with your name on it.  I don’t have a mailbox in my host country.  But, every now and then, a man on […]