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The Fears of a New Expat Mom

Maybe I’m the only mom that has ever been nervous about raising and caring for a child in the developing world. I try to calm my anxiety with reason—millions of moms have raised their babies in the developing world in worse conditions. I shouldn’t have a problem. Right after my daughter was born, the reality […]

Tip #10: Always Put Socks On Your Baby

When I first moved to Southeast Asia, I had a young two-year-old son and a 9-month-old baby girl.  Then I got pregnant two months after landing in country.  I have continued to have babies, on average, every year and a half.  And I have five kids in a culture where there is a saying “two […]

A Water Birth Story

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We’re so thankful to have our first guest post submitted by the mother of a brand new baby girl. We all love to hear birth stories because each one is so different and so unique in its own special way. I particularly love how this story is full of expectations, yet ends up with surprises around every […]