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Sorry, Stephen Colbert, but I am America

It happens pretty frequently. I’ll be in a taxi (or restaurant, market, bus…) and the driver (or owner, vendor, fellow passenger…) will ask me where I’m from. I’ll answer, and, if they’re the curious type, they will launch into questions about my home country. Much of the time, it’s “Basic Geography and Culture for $100, […]

The Best of Taking Route 2015

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This has been a full year with both Kimberlynn and I have spending over half of the year in the States.  Good for us, our families and our stomachs but not so good for our expat blog.  The heart behind this blog is collaboration and this year has been full of it.  We are thankful […]

10 Things That Change Once You’ve Lived Overseas

The rewarding experiences one gains from living life overseas can sometimes be crowded out by the inevitable struggles that come with the full, expat-life package. But it’s through those struggles and challenges that you discover more about yourself and the world around you. You embrace lessons learned and broaden your horizons. If you’ve ever lived […]