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Episode 07: Homeschooling Through High School with Robin Talley

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Any high schooler would choose boarding school over homeschooling, right?  Not necessarily.  Robin Talley discusses how, as a family, they talked through educational choices and how they decided to homeschool through high school (even though they live in a remote area without traditional American opportunities).  Robin talks to us about overcoming doubt during hard times, […]

Tip #31: Find the funny

Bill Cosby has spent a lifetime entertaining millions of people by finding the funny in ordinary situations. Whether he was describing the challenges of parenting small children, the dreadfulness of visiting the dentist or the inspiration of chocolate cake for breakfast, Bill Cosby made the world laugh by finding the humor in the mundane details […]

Who’s Afraid of a Special Diet?

Cooking can be a very intimidating task whenever you move overseas. Whether it’s using a gas stove/oven, substituting¬†something for every recipe, shopping in 3 different places for the ingredients of one meal, or cooking in a kitchen without AC, we all have our stressful cooking moments. ¬†For Robin, things got pretty intimidating when a special […]