This Global Life | Day 3: Malaysia

Sharon Rivers here in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When I arrived I had just my husband’s hand to hold and a job in Sports and Tourism. Now, it seems our five children appeared quite suddenly and my days are filled with mothering duties. I blinked and it’s been 10 years here. I long for anonymity when […]

Tip #27: Enjoy the new, greener you

  Sometimes moving and living overseas makes us green with envy at all the stuff we’re missing back home. Pumpkin Spice Latte notifications on Facebook every September. “Leaves are changing!” “Gorgeous fall day!” “Look I’m wearing a sweater and a scarf and not sweating!” That’s for those of us in the tropics. For all y’all […]

Tip #14: Remember that the building has not moved

Driving in another country is such a big deal it should be a skill listed on job resumes/CV’s . It requires focus, coordination, spatial sense, quick thinking, and a whole lot of no nonsense grit. The “give way” driving that most non-western countries apply to their roadways causes all sorts of issues for expats. I […]