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The College Essay I Should Have Written

When I was 14 my family moved “home” from France. We moved to Michigan, a state I’d never been to before. We’d been overseas for two years, after living most of my life in Virginia. But to most people, being stateside at all meant we were home. Sometimes, when TCKs come “home” they meet other […]

We’re Going Through Transition, We’re Not Scared!

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Each and every year in Expatland, there’s spike in transitions right around June. When summer rolls around (at least in the northern hemisphere) it’s time for good-byes. Graduations, vacations, visits to passport countries, and permanent moves all add up to major changes. Whether you’re the one staying or the one leaving, you are in the […]

Transitionitis: Also known as Happy and Sad Syndrome (HASS)

Written in jest (but only partly)… ABOUT Transitionitis/HASS is a very common ailment affecting hundreds of travellers each year. It is caused by the change in routine brought on by transition, and anxieties (often underlying) relating to the unknowns of the new location and losses associated with leaving the current location. SYMPTOMS Symptoms include –wildly […]

An Expat’s Blended Expectations

I have been dreaming of a high powered blender for years.  Grinding meats, perfecting green smoothies, and making instant ice cream are just a few of this beautiful appliance’s promises.  While on home assignment I knew I wanted a high powered professional blender to be my “big” purchase.  My Christmas present.  I did my research […]