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Denise James

Co-Founder, Co-Editor and Podcast Host
Denise is an Army Brat whose family finally settled in Georgia.  Good strong coffee, Netflix and her Bible keep her sane.   She homeschools her six kids with an “organic laid back approach” and is thankful they seem to actually be learning something. Ever since she moved to Southeast Asia in 2008, she’s been learning to appreciate the slices of humble pie cross-cultural living serves her every day; especially when the discussion of language is brought up and she, yet again, is reminded that she is not as fluent as her husband.

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Emily Steele Jackson

Emily Steele Jackson was born and raised in the U.S., though she’s spent much of her adult life traveling and living overseas. Wherever she travels, she tries to pick up some of the local language, and learns to cook at least one local dish. She has lived in China with her husband and two kids since 2005, and records their adventures at Small Town Lawai.

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Melissa Faraday

Podcast Editor and Musician
Melissa is an American who has been living on and off (more on, than off) the islands of Southeast Asia since 2006. Meeting new people is her favorite thing to do, which is good considering she moves around a lot! She sings, experiments with music and unskillfully plays a few instruments. When these two things –music and new people — combine, t’s perfection! She considers homeschooling her three kids as a complete chore and only cooks for them because many people frown upon eating cereal three meals a day.

 Alicia Boyce

Co-Founder, Co-Editor and Podcast Host
Alicia grew up in Southeast Texas and moved to “Sweet Home Alabama” just before her college years. She currently lives with her husband and their three children (1 boy, 2 girls) in Southeast Asia. Prior to moving overseas, she was a first grade teacher and had very few skills in the kitchen. Now she’s one of those hip, stay-at-home moms who can make some pretty awesome homemade enchiladas.  Alicia recently started a new blog, Ants in the Sugar, where she talks more about the “new norms” of expat life.

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Christie Chu

Contributor and Facebook Moderator
Christie has a long history of major moves, beginning at age 11. Most have involved state lines and a few have included passports and visas. All of them have required finding a new community, learning a new city and creating a stable environment for her family of five. Christie plans to move this summer to a country she’s never seen before.

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