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It’s Tea Time Somewhere: All About Christmas

Christmas is upon us and Denise, Alicia and Melissa are talking ALL about it.  They take the discussion way back to their childhood years and discuss the traditions they grew to love.  Those traditions turned into expectations (which sometimes led to disappointments) they put on the holiday season as an adult.  They discuss their first […]

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Episode 13: Staying Steadfast when Starting Over with Philippa Brooks

For 13 years, Phillippa and her husband and their 2 kids lived in a remote village in the Philippines. When it became obvious that their time there was coming to a close, Philippa found herself dreaming of a life in the West drinking coffee while her kids went to a beautiful public school. Then they […]

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Episode 12: Navigating Cross-Cultural Marriage with Michelle Acker Perez

Living Abroad can challenge any marriage.  When married cross-culturally those challenges quadruple.  Michelle Acker Perez candidly shares about life overseas and experiences of be Guatemala and the joy and difficulties of cross-cultural marriage.  We covered a wide range of topics with Michelle including navigating uncomfortable situations within each others home cultures, sorting out family dynamics, and dealing […]

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Episode 11: Holding Loosely to Our Plans with Allie Riddle

It’s always good to have a plan. That’s the responsible thing to do, after all. Unfortunately, there’s never any guarantee things will go according to plan — and this is when our flexibility as expats is tested. Whether it’s a sudden change of documents needed at the immigration office or political unrest that necessitates immediate […]

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It’s Tea Time Somewhere : “All About Home Assignments”

It’s time for another segment of “It’s Tea Time Somewhere!” This time we’re talking home assignments. What does our preparation look like? How bad is the jet lag? (Spoiler alert: real bad.) What does life look like when we’re finally back to our home country? These are just a few of the things Denise, Alicia, […]

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Episode 10: The Trade-Offs of Expat Life with Elizabeth

The longer you live overseas, the harder it is to answer the question, “which country do you like best?” While culture shock usually brings all the things you don’t love about a country to the surface, longevity ends up showing you things about the culture you wish you could take with you everywhere you go. […]

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Episode 09: Making Time for New Adventures with Sara Beth

Sometimes we don’t think we “have the time” to embark on anything new. No time for exercise, no time for writing, no time to start a new hobby (or pick an old one back up). The idea seems dreamy but you’re convinced your schedule is simply too packed to add anything else. Sara Beth certainly […]

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Episode 08: Taking the Extra Few Steps with Jana Kelley

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we struggle with going the extra few steps to meet our neighbor, even though we’ve already taken thousands of steps to move overseas in the first place? We’ve already sold all our possessions, moved away from all that’s familiar, and immersed ourselves into a new culture and language. So what […]

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