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Taking Route Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast.  Conversations about living abroad, expat to expat.  We unpack what it means to fully take root while en route.  

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It’s Tea Time Somewhere: “All About Language”

Introducing our new episode series: “It’s Tea Time Somewhere!” Every several episodes, we’ll take a break from interviewing guests and the podcast team will get together to chat about different topics. This week it’s all about LANGUAGE. The thought of that either made you fist pump the air with excitement or made your eye twitch […]

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Episode 05: Meeting Your Host Culture More Than Halfway with Dacia Hamby

A lot of people thought Dacia wouldn’t last in Uganda. Pretty clothes and heels filled her closet in Texas before she decided to sell everything, buy her first pair of flat shoes, and move abroad. She was the only overseas worker with a local boss and she knew if they were going to make this […]

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Episode 04: Finding Your Parenting Style in the Foreign and Familiar

Lisa’s greatest adventure — parenting — combined with unique cultural experiences, has led to some of her most exciting discoveries about herself. When she and her husband, along with their infant son had the opportunity to move abroad, a lot changed. But the fresh start (plus adding a new family member) brought the opportunity to figure […]

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Episode 03: Cultivating Christian-Muslim Friendships with Marilyn Gardner

Muslim women have always been a close part of Marilyn’s life. Growing up as a TCK, they were like her aunts and second moms. As she became older, Muslim women became some of her closest friends. Differences in religions can certainly complicate things sometimes — maybe even challenge our own faith — but when a […]

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Episode 02: Transparency in the Expat Marriage with Colette Hernandez

Colette and her husband, Max, have a marriage that is admired by the young students they spend time with in their city. “I want a marriage just like yours,” the students constantly exclaim. But Colette assures the students (and us) that their marriage does not come without a lot of hard work, commitment, and sometimes having the […]

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Episode 01: Doing the Never-Ever Things with Lauren Pinkston

Join us as we chat with Lauren Pinkston about adoption, moving between different countries (4 to be exact), and doing the things we said would never, EVER do. You’ll also hear a little bit about the fair trade business started and how she handles herself when invited to “ELITE” events with local friends. You won’t want […]

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Episode 00: Introducing the Taking Route Podcast!

Welcome to the NEW podcast from Taking Route. We’re not going to lie, starting a podcast in a country known for frequent power outages (and having poor internet connection) definitely complicates things. Nevertheless, we are hard-headed enough determined to bring you quality conversations from expat women around the globe. We have SO many topics to cover and we […]

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Taking Route Podcast Coming Soon!

Taking Route – a play-on-words which sums up the two major steps taken by all expats: taking a route to a new location and then settling down to take root. The second step is usually the most difficult step, especially when the feeling of loneliness is ever-present. That’s why we strive to provide a community […]

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