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A Little Guidance from an Expat Upperclassman

My “freshman year” of living abroad was in Bogotá, Colombia. I say freshman year, because that’s what it felt like walking into the get-to-know-you coffee of an English-speaking expat group. Clusters of women filled the room, comfortable and confident, already knowing about the chaotic traffic, grocery deliveries and the impossibility of hailing a cab in […]

She Didn’t Need My Wisdom

The sunlight slipped through the front windows as I sat at the kitchen table, attempting to finish my coffee before the day began. From the front of the house I heard the screeching of the gate opening, a sound so high-pitched there will never be a need for a doorbell. Moments later, my house helper […]

Listening to the Rhythms of Life Abroad

Everything seems to be telling me to slow down and breathe deeply. Sometimes I listen to these rhythms and other times I fight silence and space. It’s best when I give in to the slowness and listen to its message. It’s the worst when I try and force the rhythms to go faster. If you […]

Repatriating is a Long-Haul Flight

Repatriating doesn’t get talked about as much as going overseas, though many expats find it just as much of a challenge. My family and I have been back in the U.S. for about six months now, and our journey to feel settled here has definitely had its rocky parts. Below is something I wrote during […]

True Parisian Chocolat Chaud (Hot Chocolate)

Our family got a lot of visitors when we lived in Paris. People came to walk through cathedrals, see famous artwork, drink the wine, and visit Disneyland. My uncle Danny was one of the few who caught the spirit of living in France, though, when he and his family came to visit: Every day, he’d […]