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True Parisian Chocolat Chaud (Hot Chocolate)

Our family got a lot of visitors when we lived in Paris. People came to walk through cathedrals, see famous artwork, drink the wine, and visit Disneyland. My uncle Danny was one of the few who caught the spirit of living in France, though, when he and his family came to visit: Every day, he’d […]

The Fears of a New Expat Mom

Maybe I’m the only mom that has ever been nervous about raising and caring for a child in the developing world. I try to calm my anxiety with reason—millions of moms have raised their babies in the developing world in worse conditions. I shouldn’t have a problem. Right after my daughter was born, the reality […]

It’s Tea Time Somewhere: All About Christmas

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Christmas is upon us and Denise, Alicia and Melissa are talking ALL about it.  They take the discussion way back to their childhood years and discuss the traditions they grew to love.  Those traditions turned into expectations (which sometimes led to disappointments) they put on the holiday season as an adult.  They discuss their first […]

Christmas Traditions that Travel

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Last weekend, as we unpacked our Christmas tree and decorations, we found that something was missing—or maybe I should say, Someone. Like baby Jesus. Plus Mary and Joseph. Our beautiful nativity set made the overseas move in great condition…but apparently the holy family missed the boat. We ended up taking a stand-alone Mary, Joseph, and […]

Overseas and Pregnant. Help!

I always envisioned myself peeing in a porcelain toilet to confirm my first pregnancy, but there I was squatting over a hole in the ground. Not knowing where else to go, I went to the local hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia to get a pregnancy test. I waited next to 15 other local women in a […]

Episode 12: Navigating Cross-Cultural Marriage with Michelle Acker Perez

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Living Abroad can challenge any marriage.  When married cross-culturally those challenges quadruple.  Michelle Acker Perez candidly shares about life overseas and experiences of be Guatemala and the joy and difficulties of cross-cultural marriage.  We covered a wide range of topics with Michelle including navigating uncomfortable situations within each others home cultures, sorting out family dynamics, and dealing […]